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It's India Monee'

I'm a media maven,  journalist, creative strategist, influencer, and above all else, a storyteller.  One thing to know about me is that I don't believe in being placed in a box.  I'm dedicated to living life limitlessly.

I'm committed to telling your story and making sure it's the best one you can tell!  Whether it's working with your brand or giving you inspiration for life, your story is important, so make it worth telling!

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At the intersection of a media maven and a lifestyle coach for creatives, I'm that friend you need on your team! I'm a lover of stories, a journal enthusiast, & a content strategist who loves working with people to get their messages out. Think we can work together?

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If you're looking to go on a journey of self-discovery of finding your authentic self? Dive into our most recent

e-journal to learn more about yourself and become the author of your life.

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