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What I've Learned During Quarantine

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

If you would've asked me in March what I thought about coronavirus, I would be looking at future flights for my next baecation. I literally did not take this thing seriously at all. I thought that it would blow over because I just thought this was just something like the flu. Little did I know that this pandemic would change the way we do life forever.

In many ways, I'm humbled and grateful for the circumstances which I am in because I understand that coronavirus has completely changed life for the worst from many people. During this time I've been lucky enough to take some time to stop and self-reflect. Being in your house all day really makes you think about life differently.

Isolation leads to self-exploration.

Though we didn't plan on being in the house until God knows when self-isolation half okay and half I'm going crazy. I'm an extroverted introvert and I've always loved having alone time but quarantine has been completely different. It has allowed me to explore the depths of who I am because of the different conversations I've had with my friends and family members. It gave me the opportunity to dive into my childhood traumas and learn to reasons why I am the way I am. I've been learning more about myself by reading self-help books, journaling, and having deep conversations with people that I trust. I love learning new things about myself because I start to really just feel even more like that bitch. When you feel like you're that bitch, you're unstoppable.

When you're exploring who you are, you really come with the terms of your unique makeup and why you do the things you do. I've learned that one of my top qualities is my curiosity, which makes a lot of sense because I love traveling, adventures, and trying new things. I knew I was curious but I didn't know that it was my top trait until I signed up for an online class to take during the quarantine. There's truly nothing like having such self-love and this isolation period has allowed me to learn about who I am at a deeper level. When you learn new depths of who you are, I truly believe you ascend in life.

Quiet time is important.

When I say quiet time, I literally mean quiet time. Working from home mixed with being around family all day every day has forced me to really crave quiet time. I work in digital media so I'm constantly using social media, working on the computer, and listening to the radio for eight hours straight. On top of working, I use social media and FaceTime to get my human interaction because of the circumstances. Sometimes that leaves me feeling very anxious. At the beginning of quarantine, I felt myself being very overwhelmed and my feelings were all over the place to the point I felt like they were uncontrollable. When I started to feel this way, I knew I had to make some changes for my mental.

To not go crazy, I really learned that I have to quiet my wild thoughts. After work, I would literally go into my room, sit in a quiet place that I built in my room, and literally sit in silence. Most of the time my quiet time includes meditation, journaling, or just being quiet. Just having a couple of minutes to myself really fills up my energy cup and refuels me.

Acknowledge gratitude daily.

Coronavirus has definitely dropped my natural excitement for life. Every day I really started to feel super anxious and it didn't get any easier. I'm a person that naturally is always thinking about what's next and this pandemic has really forced me to live in the present. Living in Texas, currently, the state is opening but yet the number of cases is rising so I'm committed to staying home which really sucks. The only thing that's saving my FOMO is that if I'm reckless there's literally a possibility I could die and expressing gratitude daily.

My morning routine is journaling five things that I'm grateful for. I leave it as free range to be simple or something complex because either way, I'm grateful. Most days every day I write down, "I'm grateful for life" and "I'm grateful that me and my family are healthy." Looking at the glass half full instead of half empty has changed my perspective because even though I miss being outside, I would hate to not have the choice. I had to realize that I'm super blessed to be in the position I'm in. All of my family members are working from home, we're all still employed, and well. That's doing better than so many people in America and acknowledging the privilege is major. All I can do is be happy and focus on the present. Even though this is a tough time, you really have to focus on finding some positivity. I struggle every day with this so it's not easy by far.

This season is hard AF, I can't lie. I'm really learning something new about myself on a daily basis and it amazes me. Quarantine isn't easy. This is all new for all of us so I feel you. I've been telling myself to take it day by day and not to put too much pressure on myself. I pour affirmations into myself and try to keep it pushing. What have you learned about yourself during quarantine? What have you done differently? I hope that this time finds you well!

xoxo posse out,

India Monee'

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